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Wake Up 'n Learn presented by Med Results Inc Clinical 2

Age Reversal Innovation With Dr. Chris Croley: Plexr GlassLift and CAT-Resurfacing

Chris Croley, MD, a leading key opinion leader (KOL) in the aesthetics field, explores the future of facial rejuvenation with Med Results Inc.'s innovative 2024 solutions. Aligned with modern trends, Med Results Inc.'s offerings prioritize the preservation and enhancement of natural facial beauty while addressing common concerns such as aging, pigmentation and laxity. Tailored to individual client needs, these solutions empower practitioners with painless, non-invasive options. Med Results Inc.'s solutions are readily implementable with varying levels of advancement. Leading the charge is Plexr Plus, a versatile medical device offering triple-depth skin remodeling for diverse skin types and tones. Also, Act O' Feel is a transformative biomedical product line. Unlike harsh lasers, it harnesses the power of the cell signaling system to "communicate" with fibroblasts, naturally stimulating skin rejuvenation.