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Daisy A. Ayim MD, FAACS, FACOG

Ayim Aesthetic

Daisy Ayim, MD, FAACS, FACOG, is triple board certified in facial and general body cosmetic surgery, as well as in OBGYN. She is the founder and owner of her solo private practice, Ayim Surgical Arts, based in Houston. Dr Ayim is an award-winning body contour expert and a key opinion leader in women’s health, wellness and beauty. She promotes sustainable cosmetic results through her holistic approach of addressing hormones, nutrition and exercise as cornerstones to client consultation during their cosmetic journey. Dr Ayim is a talented cosmetic surgeon and is highly sought-after, both domestically and internationally.

Courses: Hormonal and Non-hormonal Treatment Options for Women and Men, Invasive Sexual Wellness Treatments for Women and Men, Panel: Sexual Wellness