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Rylie Bland

House of Preservation

The process of bringing House of Preservation to life was a combined effort of lifelong friends Brittany Ricketts and Rylie Bland. Unsatisfied with their corporate jobs in 2016, they decided to take a leap of faith and pursue their passion for all things skin care and beauty. They embarked on their journey by enrolling in esthetician and laser school, where they launched their blog, House of Preservation, as a platform to educate like-minded skin care junkies. Following graduation, both landed jobs in a medical spa to learn the business from the ground up. Throughout their time in school and working in the industry, House of Preservation garnered a cult-like following with their full-disclosure tips, tricks and opinions on buzzworthy beauty ingredients and treatments. Dubbed "The MedSpa the Internet Built" by D Magazine, House of Preservation is a business that leapt off social media into the real world. In 2019, Ricketts and Bland made the leap from the digital-scape to the real world with their first brick-and-mortar location in Dallas, Texas, and expanded with an Austin, Texas, location in spring 2023.

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